Christmas at The Fairmont Hotel S.F. and A Yarnbomb

I am standing out on the street right next to The Fairmont Hotel sewing up a yarnbomb.It is overcast and cold, raining lightly.I had sworn not to put up knitting in the rain but it has been raining non stop for weeks. it’s raining harder and the wind is picking up. There are police cars going by. I am a lot more nervous about police since The Russian And I got pulled over by police on bicycles. My sun glasses are streaming water . I suddenly grasp the difference between the virtual world and the real world.

We have been having a great Christmas at The Fairmont hotel. Being tourists in San Francisco. I love the high tea, the decorations in the lobby, Christmas carols at Grace Cathedral,the Christmas Tree in Union Square,riding the Cable cars up Powell. { Have you ridden a cable car? I love them.}

The Fairmont Hotel Lobby

I love The Fairmont hotel so much, I wanted to yarnbomb it.There’s a great cafe ,Cafe Centro where we had been sitting eating raisin scones.There was a good pole right outside.

So I was out there sewing this knitting on to the pole and thinking,you can knit the pieces, you can blog and Facebook and surf around but it’s not yarnbombing unless you go stand out on the street and put them up.I sewed the label on really fast and sort of crooked. People waved  at me from the cable cars. I waved back.


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