Yarnbombing at Dharma Trading at Last

We’ve wanted to yarnbomb a curved bike rack for a long time. When we came around the corner of F street in San Rafeal and saw this little rack we were gleeful. We went in the Dharma and bought big bags of wool acid dyes for our prodigious dyeing and spinning , stood around reading Vogue Knitting  for 15 minutes and then we were out into the biting cold to make a bright knitting installation. It felt so so good to do a knitting  blitz once again.I hate knitting and knitting and never putting them up, it’s like cooking and cooking and never eating. Dharma Trading is the premier knitting and dyeing supplier in the country, I am  grateful they are here. Karen , the manager came out and lay on the ground taking pictures with her cell phone. We were glad to be yarnbombing  a place where they weren’t going to call the cops.

7 thoughts on “Yarnbombing at Dharma Trading at Last

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  2. Yeah yarn bomber! Looks great, I saw it last night when I drove home down fourth street, did a double take!

  3. The colours in this are just dreamy. Glad that the owner appreciated your hard work. You are such a prolific yarn bomber – I’m astounded at the amount of work that you’ve made over the last year!

  4. ohhhh i LOVE it!! so beauty-full. thank you for bringing more beauty to the world!! please forgive me for asking if the use of the word bomb might be a little…?? okay…sorry, just, you know…hmmmm. yarnlove? too pollyanna of me? anyhoooo…i LOVE LOVE LOVE what you are doing. really gets me inspired to do some yarn lovin’ in my community toooo! yay!

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