Yarnbombing And The Future of Museums

12 Apr

I was exhilarated when Elizabeth Merritt from The Future Of Museums Center wrote and invited me to write a guest blog on museums and spontaneous outbursts of art-i.e. yarnbombing . The other writers were Barbara Stauffer – a curator at The National Museum of Natural History who curated The Hyperbolic Reef Show and Maria Morti who created The Sf Mobile Museum. I was so satisfied and touched to get included with them and excited to talk about yarnbombing a little more seriously. I mean more seriously than ” How Cute”.

It’s interesting to think about the future of museums. I had mostly just wished they would show more painting and have better deserts. I read The Future Of Museums report on museums in 2034 and liked the idea of museums being a refuge.

I think street art and peoples art is part of the future of museums.  Imagine if everyone made their own museum. What would be in them?

I make my yarnbombs like any artist- I just want to get to see what I want to see. I love that I can go so directly into any environment and quickly make it softer , more domestic and personal and funnier.

I tried to be serious when I wrote my blog entry for The Future Of Museums but I ‘m afraid I was my regular jokey self. Read it here.</p


3 Responses to “Yarnbombing And The Future of Museums”

  1. N April 12, 2011 at 8:48 am #

    Such an interesting and thoughtful entry. Who does get to choose what we see as art? Even in museums, acceptance into a show is determined by a jury or a board. What is the criteria? SInce “Street art varies in quality as does all art,” what is the determination that makes something “art” and something else unworthy of being seen? I love the issues you raise, even while being your “jokey self.” And it was fun to see pictures of the museum yarnbombs all together!

  2. Dyanna Anfang April 12, 2011 at 9:19 pm #

    I love this yarnbomb!

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