Yarnbombing and How Art Sustains Us : The Piedmont Library Yarnbombing

4 Aug

” Oh streetcolor ‘ you might say ” What happened to your grand scheme to yarnbomb all the Oakland Libraries ? You make these big plans , where’s the yarnbombing ? ” Well my life went into an avalanche and I’ve been crawling around and occasionally spinning a little on my drop spindle . For 2 weeks . Then yesterday I was still  tired out but I thought I really wanted to yarnbomb . So I drove over to the Piedmont library in Oakland and put up this little bike rack. And after I had yarnbombed I felt so much better – tired but I felt energy in my body -I felt fed.

I knew that making art is a big energy source in my life but this was  experiencing art as food. Sometimes when I’m endlessly eating chocolate and peanut butter I think ” Maybe you should look at an art book ! ”  I do and I calm down and feel full . Looking at art , knitting , spinning , drawing , beading , looking at my art books – I need hours of this every day to stay happy and content . Are you hungry for something ?

So this little bike rack came from a Toulouse  Lautrec print I liked . It was of a French woman in a ruffled orange shirt and a ruffled blue skirt . I wanted the ruffles to flow out of the knitting .

I seem fixed on bike racks  . I love seeing the knitting on the curve .  A woman was unlocking her bike as I sewed up this piece and I think she was sorely puzzled by my activity .

I look for activities that get me more into the moment . People have told me to be in the moment and I thought it meant- get into the moment and endure being really bored. But now getting into the moment feels like ‘”relax and enjoy how great life is  ” . I can feel energy flowing . When I was sewing up this yarnbomb I felt the sun on my body and saw shafts of light on the street. It was warm and cool and someone was playing the banjo. I like pulling a needle through knitting . The wool felt cushy over the cold hard metal. Very delicious .

This Piedmont Library yarnbomb is the 2nd Oakland Library yarnbomb in my series . The library was open  and all sorts of people were ambling in and out enjoying their books. Libraries are the best part of a community I think. I love them . Thank you libraries.

My link today is to a little article in Diablo Magazine about The Orinda Library Bike Rack  .  Here.

This is a funny story -when we put up this bike rack I thought that no one would ever see it because it is so secluded . It’s in a in a sculpture garden off the street . And I thought ” It’s ok if no one sees it , I love this library and I want to honor it .

And this yarnbomb ended up In Diablo Magazine and in Time magazine .

You never know what”s going to happen.

5 Responses to “Yarnbombing and How Art Sustains Us : The Piedmont Library Yarnbombing”

  1. CrochetConcupiscence (@CrochetBlogger) August 5, 2011 at 4:25 pm #

    I definitely think it is important to nourish yourself with as much art as you need each day!

    • Yarn Sista May 27, 2012 at 11:35 am #

      this is a great remark – I love that. Yes, yarnbombing nourishes me, or getting prepared for it:-)

  2. Brennan August 20, 2011 at 10:43 pm #

    I locked my bike on this rack today. Nice to have a soft buffer to protect my bike frame.

  3. Snowtree September 24, 2011 at 2:25 pm #

    saw this and decided to check out the website- AWESOME.

  4. JB November 18, 2011 at 4:04 pm #

    Thought it was brisk (for Oakland) when I walked past the Museum today at lunch, and knew I was right as I noticed the sign poles and railings were all in their best knits – thanks for a colorful flash of splash fabrication!

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