Yarnbombing The Oakland Museum of California – Day 1

” I’m done  ” said Brenda.

I looked over and there was the first bannister finished . We were yarnbombing out on Oak street in front of The Oakland Museum of California . There were 4 skinny 15  ft long metal bannisters to yarnbomb and we were now up one . I had been waiting a long time to see how the knitting would look. There it was – and it looked sparkling , thrilling ! I got little electric jolts when I looked at it – it was fresh and lush and musical. Oh boy .

When I first had the idea to yarnbomb The OMG the idea was extremely exciting in my mind . It took some time and negotiating with The Oakland Standard to get it all set up and time tends to calm our enthusiasm . It was fun to tell people that I had a commission to yarnbomb The Oakland Museum and that it was probably the first museum to ever be yarnbombed inside.

Then after the joy of the idea and the romance of bragging came the 2 months of full time spinning and knitting .

Fortunately I love knitting and spinning .

I think with art it’s best to first find something you adore doing  . Then second  figure out out to make something great with it .

So there I was -getting up every morning and spinning and plying on my spinning wheel all day . Taking breaks from spinning on my wheel  to spin on my spindle. When I had  12o colors spun up I would wind off big soft balls of yarn and give them to my friends to knit up .  This went on and on .  Every day life is very lulling  – I sort of forgot what we were doing this for .

Lots of my friends were knitting with me with great generosity . I have a pronounced tendency to drag people into my various projects with me whether it’s knitting , weaving , bodywork , kayaking or yarnbombing . If I think something is fun I’m convinced that everyone will think it’s fun too .

So the day came -today –  it was time to start the installation . I packed up my car like I was leaving town and going car camping for a couple of weeks. I filled up every suitcase I had with bags of knitting . I had no sense at all that we were actually going to yarnbomb the Oakland Museum .

I drove over to the museum and met The Fibrarian , The Russian , Brenda Loreman and Nancy . Every one sewed like crazy . I ran the crew . I had my portrait taken by Oakland magazine . That was pretty interesting . How do you take a picture of an anonymous person ?

Brenda said ” I’m done ”

And I looked at the yarnbombing and I was  startled by delight.

And I realized that this was the point of the whole undertaking – yarnbombing is beautiful . It lifts the spirits and gives you one of those simple single timeless moments of pleasure .

I’ve come to believe that these moments are the best part of being alive.Come to the Opening Friday Night Nov 4 from 6 to 8 . There will be a knitting circle and yarnbombing more here

7 thoughts on “Yarnbombing The Oakland Museum of California – Day 1

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  2. I love seeing your work on my daily walk to work at the courthouse. The museum is great and all, but your yarn work really adds a nice warm human element to an otherwise sterile and cold design. Plus it’s so unexpected, I love it!

  3. It was such an awesome experience to meet Streetcolor and all the other knitters. I will stop by the museum on Wednesday to check out our little contribution to the exhibit.

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