Pom Poms and Politics Yarnbombing

  I thought it would be interesting to do a yarnbombing that related to the pink pussy cat hats . I wanted to do a project that would be interactive , I really like art that breaks down the barrier between the artist and the veiwer .I found that I was spending a lot of time obsessing over politics and I wanted to make art instead , preferably some art that would provide some relief from constant political reactivity.
I came up with the idea of yarnbombing with pink


Poms . I teach people to make Pom

Poms with this excellent Japanese Pom Pom maker. Everybody can make a Pom Pom , even people who are 4 years old . I also give them a little card to write about

” what are you for in your politics ‘

This weekend , June 24 2017 , I’m starting my first installation of the “Pom Poms and Politcs ” project at Blue Moon Farm on Vashon Island in Washington. 



One thought on “Pom Poms and Politics Yarnbombing

  1. Very interesting and very beautiful. Pink pussy cat hats are new for me,to be sure, but the New post on Streetcolor is beautiful and interesting as well. Much love to you. DLH

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