Museums Tags

The SF MOMA  Installation

We knit 7 yarnbombs for 7 parking meters in 7 colors with black stripes to match the striped marble pillars in front of The SF MOMA. It was still up 7 months later.

The De Young Museum  S.F.

These 3 pieces went up in front of The De Young Museum the summer of 2010.We handspin  all our yarn so we can get the exact colors we want. I’m interested in getting knitting to have more dimension with adding ruffles and ridges. The Golden Gate Park Service was pretty irate over these and took 2 of them down but miraculously missed the black one.

The Musee D ‘Orsay , Paris. I put this up across the street from The Musee.  The ruffle was derived from a Manet painting in the awe inspiring collection. The pedestrians packed in around me as I sewed . People had lots to say to me , but it was all in French.

The Santa Cruz Museum Of Arts And History

This is a small museum with a great community feeling. I put up this piece while they were having an opening. They left it up. Thank you.

The San Jose Museum Of Art  CA.

This piece was red and black to go with their sign. I put it up in broad day light -very nerve racking. I never heard another word about it from anyone so it  was probably taken down at once.

The Cantor Art Center, Palo Alto  CA.

This heavenly museum is Free!  I would have loved to yarnbomb every pole and bike rack near the place but the Stanford  Campus security guards pulled up and I ran away.

The Crocker Museum Sacramento, CA.

The Crocker Museum is thrilling with very good food and a lot of Wayne Theibauds’.  I loved that they put these pieces on their Facebook page and did a newspaper article. They have a very modern, playful attitude.

2 thoughts on “Museums Tags

  1. I saw the one at the DeYoung going up and it made my day. I was very sorry to see that it was taken down, BAD PARK SERVICE. However, I have to say I like the bike rack ones the best,fun, AND useful. thanks though for the spinning and efforts. I also like that these people are not doing trees as that is really bad for the tree and creates a place for bugs and stuff to live that can hurt the tree.

  2. I saw your work at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History on the evening of the opening you described. I had work in a group show and was very curious about the knitting. Since then my mother-in-law has told me about yarn bombing and has taught me to knit. Planning my first yarn bomb in SF.

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